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April 2018 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Magento – The Powerhouse of eCommerce Software by David Edmonson

ATTENTION DATE CHANGE: Please note we are moving our usual meeting date forward one week to April 12th. Apologies for any inconvenience.

When: Thursday, April 12th, 2018 — 7pm-9pm

Please RSVP at:

Directions: Take I-285 to Cobb Parkway/US-41. Go south & turn left on Akers Mill Rd. At the 2nd traffic light, go left into Cobb Galleria, then an immediate left into the parking garage. Enter the 600 bldg & tell security you’re there for AtlantaPHP, 14th floor.

SPECIAL NOTE: Building security has become a bit more strict, so please do your best to arrive before 7pm. On arrival, you may need to mention that you are there to attend a meeting at ShootProof.

Map Link: (parking deck entrance, 600 building is due north of the deck)

Presentation: Magento – The Powerhouse of eCommerce Software

For businesses who are expanding into online sales and distribution, there are 3 ecommerce platforms that are running neck and neck for market share: Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Shopify and WooCommerce have their place, but as far as FLOSS PHP applications are concerned, Magento is the clear winner for enterprise grade functionality.

In this overview, we will discuss some uses cases for Magento in the Enterprise, some pitfalls of Magento for the startups, and some fun examples of what can be done with Magento.

About David: After spending many of my formative years in front of our family’s TI-99/4A computer playing games, my parents decided they should nurture the computer nerd in me and find a mentor. I was 12 when we met a retired IBM Systems Engineer who took me under his tutelage and began teaching me how systems work.

In my child mind, I thought that learning about systems engineering would look like playing Duke Nukem 3d for several hours each day, however, it was actually a garage full of x86 parts in piles where I was tasked with organizing and then assembling a handful of working PCs to donate to needy families.

It was in that garage that I learned the most important skill I possess today: troubleshooting. The tireless art of iterating through a process to find which part is broken, which line of CSS is breaking the obscure Android view for my biggest customer, or which process is really necessary to the success of a project.

By day, I’m the CEO of Variux, a niche Magento Integration Agency, with a focus on the manufacturing and distribution industries. By night, I’m a human jungle gym for my 3 kids and the executive assistant to my amazing wife, Angela, the executive who really keeps everything going!

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