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December 2013 Meeting

PRESENTATION:The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made:  Automated Browser Testing with Selenium (and PHPUnit)” by Joshua Silver

As a small startup faced with the challenge of delivering a secure, scalable, cross-browser payments platform with virtually no QA resources, Joshua and his team at Patientco ( turned to Selenium and PHPUnit to fully automate their end-to-end browser based testing. During the presentation, Joshua will introduce Selenium/PHPUnit, demonstrate how easy it is to get started, highlight lessons learned over the past 5 years of using Selenium commercially, and discuss the latest tools/trends from the Selenium community. Whether you’re leading a large team in a Fortune 500 company or are just a single freelance developer, Selenium is a surefire way to improve your QA and testing process with minimal investment.

About Joshua: Joshua Silver is VP of Product Development and the technical co-founder of Patientco – a fast-growing healthcare IT and payments startup in Atlanta. In addition to leading the development team, Joshua is responsible for Patientco’s overall technology strategy and product direction. His expertise in consumer-centric system design, secure payment processing, and scalable web architecture has helped Patientco deliver a market-leading healthcare payments platform. Joshua brings with him over 13 years of PHP experience and has more than 6 years under his belt of automated testing. Joshua holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he graduated with Highest Honors.

Giveaway: Items provided by Sauce Labs (‎)

When: Thursday, December 7, 2013 — 7pm-9pm

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