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December 2021 Online Meeting

PRESENTATION: “What’s New In PHP 8.1″ by Hunter Skrasek

When: Thursday, December 9, 2021 — 7pm-9:00pm

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Presentation: What’s New In PHP 8.1

This month, we’ll look at what’s new, changed, and deprecated in the brand-new PHP 8.1. From larger changes like enums, fibers, readonly properties, and first-class callables, to smaller quality of life improvements like string-unpacked array keys and the array_is_list function, Laravel Austin’s (and co-organizer of Longhorn PHP) Hunter Skrasek will guide you through what makes PHP 8.1 worth the upgrade effort.

About Hunter: I’m an Austin based web developer that started programming in PHP when I was 14. When I first started programming in PHP, it was all spaghetti code, and I wasn’t even aware Object Oriented Programming was a thing, since I was self taught. Fast forward eight years and I have learned a couple of things, such as MVC, OOP, version control, Agile, and more. After graduating from St. Edwards University, I started working on RESTful API’s, and it’s become my new favorite thing to do.

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