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Appreciated but Voluntary

We appreciate the generosity of individuals and companies that donate to AtlantaPHP. Every bit helps. However, donations are entirely voluntary. We do not charge dues, meetings are free, and the organizers are all volunteers. Any donations we receive are used strictly to cover regular group expenses like:
  • Web hosting
  • Domain registration
  • expense
  • Name badges
  • Promotional items (e.g. meeting cards, stickers)
…and occasionally some larger one-time expenses like:
  • Logo design
  • Projection screen
  • Wireless PA system
  • Special events

Corporate Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge corporate sponsors on our website, and during our meetings.

We do not market to our members on behalf of sponsors and (although appreciated) do not consider the opportunity to purchase a product or service at a discount as sponsorship of the group.

To date, companies have sponsored AtlantaPHP by:
  • Straight donation
  • Providing food/drinks at a meeting or event
  • Subsidizing food/drinks at the after party
  • Contributing door prizes for a meeting or event
If your company would like to sponsor the group, please contact us to discuss.


AtlantaPHP is an informal group. We do not collect dues, but we do have expenses. If you would like to help out, you can contribute at one of our meetings, or via PayPal.
Donations are not tax-deductible.