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February 2006 Meeting

When: Thursday, February 2, 2006 — 7pm-9pm
Where: New Horizons

Topic: PHP Topics

Our February meeting will start with a new short session of PHP Tips & Tricks. This will become a regular tradition at our meetings, and we hope it encourages and helps newcomers and seasoned PHP programmers alike. See Chris’s reminder to bring your Tips & Tricks.

Following the Tips & Tricks session, we will dive into another new segment that will surface from time-to-time at meetings throughout the year: PHP Topics. PHP Topics will be a programmer-to-programmer open discussion forum about some topic related to the PHP community. We’ll do this on a semi-regular basis (i.e. once a quarter). If it turns out to be a popular segment, we may set aside some time for a short discussion at each meeting.

February’s PHP Topics will focus on the topic of security and its role in the PHP language and in the application development process. Much has been written about PHP and security over the last year, and January was no exception, as more discussion about making the language “more secure” found its way across the blogosphere. One side feels education is paramount, while another side argues that the language itself needs a more secure design. We’ll discuss these sides and open the floor for opinions and discussion.

Finally, to round out our meeting, we’ll end with a few giveaways.

The meeting will take place at the usual location at New Horizons Learning Center in Tucker, GA, and those who wish to grab pizza and drinks afterwards are encouraged to make their way to the Mellow Mushroom following the meeting.

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