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February 2011 Meeting

When: Thursday, Feb 3, 2010 — 7pm-9pm
Where: Strongbox West
IMPORTANT LOCATION CHANGE: This month, we’re meeting at Strongbox West, so please be sure you see the directions and don’t go to the Colony Square location.

NOTE FOOD AND DRINKS! Thanks to MailChimp and Strongbox West, Jersey Mike’s subs and drinks will be provided!

SELECT * FROM Internet: Using the Yahoo! Query Language

Presented by Brian DeShong, Yahoo!

Integrating with third-party web services can be difficult. Not to mention integrating with many different web services. First, you have to pore through the documentation. Next, you need to build code to integrate with each API. Then you need to test it. And troubleshoot. And maybe refactor. Shouldn’t it be easier than this? Shouldn’t there be some commonality between disparate services?

By using the Yahoo! Query Language, you can access any given web service via a consistent interface. With its SQL-like syntax, you can access and store data via web services using standard SQL operations such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. You can also easily retrieve data in multiple formats, such as XML and JSON.

You can also make your own web services and data available via YQL using Open Data Tables, which give you the power and flexibility of YQL just by writing some simple XML files.

Want to search Twitter for PHP-related posts? It’s as easy as “SELECT * FROM WHERE q = ‘php'”. Want to screen-scrape a site using the DOM? Perform XPath queries in YQL!

Brian’s talk will be highly interactive with many demos and flashy Keynote animations. Oh, and some Yahoo! schwag.

So come get your Yahoo! yodel on.

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