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February 2012 Meeting

It’s on Fire! An Intro to the CodeIgniter Ecosystem

NOTEwe are back to our regular schedule of meeting on the first Thursday of the month.

Presentation by: Nic Rosental, Epic Labs

You’ve probably heard about the MVC framework CodeIgniter, but did you know that over the years there has been a very active ecosystem built around it? We will explore the different offerings of the ecosystem, their history, features, licensing and possible uses. It wouldn’t be a tech talk without some demos, so I’ll be doing a bunch of those as well.

The platforms we will be covering:
  • CodeIgniter
  • Sparks (package manager)
  • Bonfire (framework bootstrap)
  • FuelPHP (yet another framework)
  • PyroCMS (free/commercial CMS)
  • ExpressionEngine (commercial CMS)
Mini-talk before our main speaker: Useful tricks and demos using the CodeIgniter database libraries by Logan Gray, IntenseTech

When: Thursday, February 2, 2012 — 7pm-9pm
Food and Giveaway Sponsored by: Thompson Technologies. Thompson is also providing a very special hardware device giveaway that you don’t want to miss!

We’ll also give away free and discounted tickets for Daycamp4Developers #4: Business 101 from Cal Evans.

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