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January 2013 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Current Trends of the PHP and Open Source Job Market

NOTE NEW LOCATION – Hypepotamus (see

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Thompson Technologies

Presentation by Ari Waller, Vice President of Recruiting, Thompson Technologies

The presentation will be an overview of the current employment market and outlook specifically for PHP developers (as well as other Open Source related Open Source trends), based on the current supply and demands in the market place, as well as career oriented topics via Q&A (Resumes, Interviews, and overall job hunting tips and strategies). Ari will cover a year by year comparison from his previous talk and discuss changes and new trends going into 2013. He will also discuss how to work with recruiters as effectively as possible (if at all), as well as questions you have always wanted to ask regarding the the inner workings of IT Staffing.

Note from Ari: I want to assure you this is not a IT Staffing Commercial.  I am looking forward to sharing direct and useful data with an understanding that many of your members will never use a recruiter to find an opportunity. I am also hoping to answer any questions they have based on good and bad experiences they have had with recruiters if they would like.

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