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July 2015 Meeting

NOTE: This event is on a different day AND week than our regularly scheduled meeting.
Stefan Priebsch and Arne Blankerts of The PHP Consulting Company, (
Surviving the Next Upgrade by Stefan Priebsch

Using tried and established frameworks spares you from reinventing solutions others already spent time and effort on implementing. At some point, however, a framework upgrade is in order, and this is not always a smooth process. How can we take advantage of existing code, without coupling our code too tightly to the framework? This session will provide answers and strategies for successful long-term framework usage.

About Stefan: Stefan Priebsch (@spriebsch) is a co-founder of The PHP Consulting Company ( As a consultant and coach, he helps teams to develop software successfully. He is a university lecturer for web programming and author of several textbooks. Being father of five-year-old twins, he also is an established scalability expert.

Revisited: The Webstack in 2015 by Arne Blankerts

Back in the days, the LAMP stack did satisfy the needs of the web, making it the big success we all know. But today’s applications more often than not require scalability, security, and performance this classic environment can hardly provide. In this session, we will have a look at a modern web stack leveraging state-of-the-art components like Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, and more.

About Arne: Arne Blankerts solves IT problems long before many companies realize that they even exist. He focuses on IT security, performance, and reliability, which he attends to with almost magical intuition, creating solutions that clearly bear his hallmark. Companies around the world rely on his concepts and Linux-based system architectures.

When: Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 — 7pm-9pm

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We are now meeting at Polygon Atlanta in Atlantic Station. See directions at Easiest: park, then take the Green #5 elevator to the 2nd level. Exit the elevator, bear left, and look for Polygon above Moe’s (photo on directions link above).

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