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June 2010 Meeting

When: Thursday, June 3, 2010 — 7pm-9pm
Where: Plaza Level Conference Room at Colony Square, Midtown Atlanta

PHP Quality Assurance

Presented by Eric Lee Stewart

PHP is one of the most widely used languages on the web, powering billions of page views a day. Keeping PHP bug free and stable across a heterogenous environment is the QA Team’s top priority.

With over 70% of PHP’s code base covered by tests, PHP has a great track record for finding and removing bugs before they have a chance to make it into a release. But that still leaves 30% of the code base unaccounted for through automated testing.

This month’s presentation will focus on PHP’s QA Team and how they go about fulfilling their responsibilities. Topics include:

Synopsis of QA Team.
Synopsis of TestFest.
How to build a test environment.
How to run tests.
How to write tests.
How to find untested features of PHP.


Our meeting will take place in the Plaza Level Conference Room at Colony Square in Midtown Atlanta. Click here for directions.

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