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June 2014 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Security for PHP websites: a wider perspective

Presentation by Brent Laminack,

Description: We all know to sanitize user inputs for security, but is security more than that? In this talk, we’ll take a step back and get a wider perspective on all the auxiliary services that impact website security: DNS, email, databases, et al. We’ll discuss options for each and take a look at their security implications. It should be a lively evening.

About Brent: Brent’s been a Unix SysAdmin since 1982, currently the leader of the Atlanta Unix Users’ Group, a CISSP and has taught continuing ed classes at Tech, Emory and UGA. His web development company, OpenFace Systems, uses mainly Joomla. He’s been using PHP since the late ’90s and brings a greybeard’s perspective to his topics. He tweets at @iblamm.

When: Thursday, June 5th, 2014 — 7pm-9pm

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