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March 2014 Meeting


Presentation by Ben Ramsey, Senior Software Architect at Moontoast (@ramsey and @Moontoast) and Co-Founder of AtlantaPHP

Description: With all of the advances that have come in PHP 5.5 (as well as 5.4 and 5.3), modern PHP code no longer looks like the PHP code from years ago. This talk will glimpse into PHP’s past to see where we’ve come from and how we got where we are today, exploring how modern PHP applications are architected now to take full use of the newer features in PHP to produce cleaner, more stable, and easier to maintain codebases.

About Ben: Ben Ramsey has been developing and designing software for sixteen years and has been writing and speaking about software development for ten of those years. A passionate aficionado of web development, APIs, and craft beer, Ben is the Senior Software Architect at Moontoast, an organizer of the Nashville PHP user group, and a home brewer.

Mini-talk: Rod Stafford on Dynamic Data Visualization with PHP

Food provided by: AtlantaPHP, in honor of our 10 year anniversary!

Giveaways will include 8 free tickets to the Great Wide Open conference in Atlanta, 5 tickets to Joomla Day Atlanta (both events in April), PHP books, and more!

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