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March 2015 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Practical Methods for Protecting Data using PHP

Presentation by Rich Morgan (@paxsevenfour),

Description: Data theft, corporate espionage and privacy violations are far too commonplace in our wired world.  The security of customer data is often an afterthought when developing a web-based application usually because the topic of security presents an additional burden for the professional programmer, adds an additional layer of complexity to an application and consequently creates more code to test.  Fortunately, there are some practical security methods that the working programmer can implement which don’t require an advanced degree to understand.  This talk will demonstrate some of these methods and offer follow-up reading for those interested in learning more.

About Rich: Rich is the Ecommerce & Integrations Team Lead for BitPay, Inc and comes from a background in biology, mathematics and computer science. In addition to providing technical guidance to developers on a range of cryptographic and payment processing topics, he has been writing applications in PHP for 20 years and most recently had the privilege of speaking on the Bitcoin keynote panel at ZendCon 2014.

Mini-talk: “Securing Your App with JSON Web Tokens” by special guest Chris Cornutt (@enygma), and

When: Thursday, March 5th, 2015 — 7pm-9pm

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NEW LOCATION: We are now meeting at Polygon Atlanta in Atlantic Station. See directions at Easiest: park, then take the Green #5 elevator to the 2nd level. Exit the elevator, bear left, and look for Polygon above Moe’s (photo on directions link above).


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