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May 2021 Online Meeting

PRESENTATION: “Static Analysis with PHPStan” by Brian Morton, Software Engineer, ShootProof

When: Thursday, May 13, 2021 — 7pm-9:00pm

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Zoom Webinar Link:

Presentation: Static Analysis with PHPStan

PHPStan is an excellent open-source static analysis tool. It’s easy to add to your build and catches lots of bugs without writing a line of test code. This makes it especially useful for maintaining stability in older codebases which don’t always have extensive test suites. I’ll show you how to configure and run it, as well as some examples of subtle mistakes it will catch.

About Brian: Brian Morton has been a developer and system administrator for more than 15 years. He currently works at ShootProof as a Software Architect, working extensively with PHP and Python codebases. Find Brian on LinkedIn:

(Due to COIVD-19 limiting in-person meetings, we’ve joined forces with Boston PHP and Austin PHP to form MergePHP, your new PHP Mega Meetup Group! We’ll be working together to provide high quality speakers in a multi-group session. Otherwise, it’ll work like our previous online meetings but NOTE: we’ll meet on the second Thursday of the month for now, instead of the first Thursday.)

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