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New Atlanta PHP Web site and forum!

If you’ve visited the Atlanta PHP Web site in the last day or two, you’ve most likely noticed a big change.

Atlanta PHP has launched its brand new Web site and forum!

New Web Site

Our new Web site is still located at However, this time it presents our user group news and information in an easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate manner.

New Forum

Our new forum is located at These forums are also cleaner and easier-to-navigate than our previous forums. The forums will now take the place of the talk and org mailing lists. These lists, which have always been very low in traffic, will continue to exist for a short time longer, but we will no longer use them. Instead, we encourage you to make use of the forums.

We were unable to transfer everyone’s login accounts from the old site, but it’s easy to register. Just click here.

New Jobs Board

With the new site comes a new way to post job listings. Anyone may post job listings without registering for the forums. When you post a job, it will be posted automatically to our jobs mailing list once it is approved by a moderator. We ask that the job opportunity be located in the Southeast and that you aren’t trying to pitch a product. Job postings are heavily moderated.

Click here to read more about our new jobs board.

On our new Web site, you’ll notice a link to We have recreated the Atlanta PHP group on because we’ve become aware of many people trying to find a PHP user group in the area through but failing to do so because none existed. This is just another channel we’ll use to reach out to the local developer community.

Join us on

A Special Note About

Please note that you’ll see our alternate domain used during the interim period of DNS transition. Pay no attention to this, as everything will be in order and using our primary domain by the end of the week. You will always be able to access our Web sites from either or

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