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November 2012 Meeting

The Magical World of Gearman

Presentation by: Brian Moon (@brianlmoon)

Food Sponsored by: Thompson Technologies

Gearman is a simple and robust tool for distributing asynchronous or offline work across a large number of worker boxes. Gearman will let you run a simple asynchronous task in only a few lines of code (and in many languages).

This talk will focus on what Gearman is, some use cases for it, and how you can quickly start using it with PHP.

About Brian: Brian Moon has been working with the LAMP platform since before it was called LAMP. He is a programmer and systems administrator for He has made a few small contributions to the PHP project and been a casual participant in discussions on the PHP internals list. He is the founder and lead developer of the Phorum project, the first PHP/MySQL message board ever created. He blogs at

Mini-talk: Scott Lively on “Getting Started With PHP_CodeSniffer”

When: Thursday, November 1, 2012 — 7pm-9pm

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