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November 2018 Meeting

PRESENTATION: “Async Landscape: Multitasking with Asynchronous PHP” by Randall Bollig, Code Knights, Inc.

When: Thursday, November 1st, 2018 — 7pm-9pm

Please RSVP at:

Directions: Take I-285 to Cobb Parkway/US-41. Go south & turn left on Akers Mill Rd. At the 2nd traffic light, go left into Cobb Galleria, then an immediate left into the parking garage. Enter the 600 bldg & tell security you’re there for AtlantaPHP, 14th floor.

SPECIAL NOTE: Building security has become a bit more strict, so please do your best to arrive before 7pm. On arrival, you may need to mention that you are there to attend a meeting at ShootProof.

Map Link: (parking deck entrance, 600 building is due north of the deck)

Presentation: Async Landscape: Multitasking with Asynchronous PHP

We normally think of PHP as executing instructions sequentially, but new technologies like Node.js are exciting because they break that paradigm.

These event-based techniques are arriving in PHP and deliver cool tricks:
  • Run multiple blocks of code at once to speed up page loading
  • Respond to events and inject information into running scripts
  • Talk directly to the network or even become a socket service
Assuming no previous JavaScript/Node experience, we’ll cover the basics as well as some real-life examples using libraries like ReactPHP, Kraken and Amp.

About Randall: Randall’s interests center around privacy, security, data warehousing, cypherpunk, and disruptive technologies. Professionally, he uses PHP to interface with the physical world including blood pressure kiosks, laser cutters, 3D printers, and remote cameras. He also enjoys hiking, photography, touring big science and industrial projects, and cooking with liquid nitrogen. His PGP fingerprint is 9998 E019 9072 CC96 C4A6 B799 3405 AD70 E6BC 9AFA.

New Meeting Feature: Open Spaces! We’re going to continue with a new discussion format among attendees. Please come with some questions or discussion topics in mind. The group will vote on suggestions and we’ll cover things, based on interest, in a rotating panel style. Come share your expertise!

SPECIAL RAFFLE PRIZE: Jeffrey Way of has graciously donated a year’s subscription to Laracasts aka “Netflix for Developers”. You must be present to win!

Food provided by AtlantaPHP

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