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Review: Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL

Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL
By Hugh E. Williams, David Lane
Second Edition May 2004 (O’Reilly Media, Inc.)
ISBN: 0-596-00543-1

This is an excellent book for the moderately experienced programmer. I disagree that one does not need to have programming experience to read this book. This is not a book that teaches programming concepts, top-down design or even object orientation. True, one can gain some understanding, but I don’t think this is the first book to pick up.

However, if someone is already familiar with other languages, this is the perfect book to learn PHP and MySQL. The wine store example that is performed throughout the book is an excellent way to showcase PHP and MySQL. Personally, I’m able to learn faster if I have a project to work on and to apply the language. This example served that purpose for me.

Once again, a great book, an easy read for programmers.

Review by Steve Reynolds

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