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September 2018 Meeting

PRESENTATION: “Overcoming Impostor Syndrome” by John Corry, Senior Software Engineer, ShootProof

When: Thursday, September 6th, 2018 — 7pm-9pm

Please RSVP at:

Directions: Take I-285 to Cobb Parkway/US-41. Go south & turn left on Akers Mill Rd. At the 2nd traffic light, go left into Cobb Galleria, then an immediate left into the parking garage. Enter the 600 bldg & tell security you’re there for AtlantaPHP, 14th floor.

SPECIAL NOTE: Building security has become a bit more strict, so please do your best to arrive before 7pm. On arrival, you may need to mention that you are there to attend a meeting at ShootProof.

Map Link: (parking deck entrance, 600 building is due north of the deck)

Presentation: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome affects all of us in one way or another at some point in our career. Even after we ourselves have developed an appropriate level of confidence in our own abilities, we will work with others struggling along that path. In this talk, we will explore building better teams through recognizing, understanding and overcoming impostor syndrome in ourselves and others.

About John: John is a senior software engineer, even though he doesn’t feel like it many days.

Mini-talk: “The Static Site Review” by Chris Forrence, LAMP Software Engineer, OxBlue

When setting up a web presence, there are a number of ways to structure the site. While plain HTML/CSS/JS can be cheaper and easier to host, dynamic sites can make it easier to manage content and templates. If seeking to strike a balance between the two, static site generators can bring the advantages of dynamic sites to static sites by pre-compiling files down to plain HTML/CSS/JS! We’ll review a few PHP-based static site generators and go through a happy-path deployment of a static site via Netlify.

About Chris: Chris has spent at least 7 years as a full stack software engineer, starting in a Java stack and transitioning to PHP and the LAMP stack in 2012. He’s worked in a variety of industries including marketing, telecommunications, gaming, and construction. Chris works for OxBlue as a LAMP Software Engineer and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Follow Chris on Twitter at !

New Meeting Feature: Open Spaces! We’re going to continue with a new discussion format among attendees. Please come with some questions or discussion topics in mind. The group will vote on suggestions and we’ll cover things, based on interest, in a rotating panel style. Come share your expertise!

Food provided by AtlantaPHP

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