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June 2013 Meeting

PRESENTATION: !Normal === Awesome! Presentation by Cal Evans, Developer Community Relations Director at Kony (@CalEvans) As PHP developers we are about as far from normal as you can get. Traditional developers master their craft, charge when they work and go home on the weekends and putter around in their workshops. […]

June 2011 Meeting

When: Thursday, June 2, 2010 — 7pm-9pm Where: Strongbox West NOTE FOOD AND DRINKS! Thanks to Nick Wadkins and Veredus Corporation, Jersey Mike’s subs and drinks will be provided! Charting a Course Through PHP PDF Libraries Presentation by Jacob Terry How do you get great-looking PDFs with charts that […]

May 2011 Meeting

When: Thursday, May 5, 2010 — 7pm-9pm Where: Strongbox West Hands on with Symfony2 Presentation and lab by Ryan Weaver What’s all the buzz around Symfony2? Bring your laptop and play along as we download, install and get a hands-on experience using Symfony2. Whether you’re a long-time user of a […]

April 2011 Meeting

When: Thursday, Apr 7, 2010 — 7pm-9pm Where: Strongbox West IMPORTANT NEW LOCATION: We’ve decided to permanently move our meetings to Strongbox West, so please be sure you see the directions and don’t go to the Colony Square location. PEARFarm, Social Coding, Open-Source Done Right & The Future of […]

January 2009 Meeting

When: Thursday, January 8, 2009 — 7pm-9pm Where: Consulate General of Canada Presentation: Around the PHP Community For new and veteran PHP programmers alike, it’s often difficult to find the right place to ask questions and find the best answers and solutions to programming challenges. This month, Ben Ramsey takes […]

PHP Throwdown

Registration for PHP Throwdown is now open, and it’d be nice to see a team from Atlanta PHP compete. If you’re wondering what is PHP Throwdown, here are a few details: When: January 27, 2007 What: A competition to see what can be accomplished with PHP in 24 hours. Who: […]