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June 2012 Meeting

Intro to the Laravel PHP Framework Presentation by: Ben Edmunds Are you ashamed to admit you’re a PHP developer? Have you been using the same old, boring PHP framework for years? Tired of your PHP applications turning into enormous beasts? Maybe you’ve heard about Laravel but haven’t made the effort […]

May 2012 Meeting

Why You Should Be Using PyroCMS as the Basis For Your CodeIgniter Apps Presentation by: John Corry If you use (or would like to use) the CodeIgniter framework in your PHP projects, you’ve probably seen that each project requires common elements (authentication, user management, basic CMS components). Take a walkthrough […]

April 2012 Meeting

How Not To Get Hacked 101 Presentation by: Shawn Stratton, Discovery Communications, Inc. Measured against OWASP (, Veracode, a security consultancy, recently found that only 16% of government web applications were secure, compared to 24% of finance industry applications and 28% of commercial applications. Scared yet? We’ll walk through some […]

March 2012 Special Speaker Event

Special Out of Town Speaker (RSVP at and $10 Event Ticket via PayPal required) Building Testable Applications in PHP Presentation by: Chris Hartjes, Moontoast This talk will approach the idea of Test-Driven Development / Behaviour-Driven Development from a different angle, instead taking a look at strategies for structuring your […]

February 2012 Meeting

It’s on Fire! An Intro to the CodeIgniter Ecosystem NOTE – we are back to our regular schedule of meeting on the first Thursday of the month. Presentation by: Nic Rosental, Epic Labs You’ve probably heard about the MVC framework CodeIgniter, but did you know that over the years there […]

January 2012 Meeting

Building a First Application on MongoDB NOTE DATE CHANGE! – because this is a joint event with the Atlanta MongoDB User Group, we will be meeting on the third Thursday of the month, January 19th. Presentation by Richard Kreuter This talk will introduce the features of MongoDB by walking […]

December 2011 Meeting

Continuous Integration (CI) and Phing Presentation by Joey Rivera The process of integrating software can prove tedious at times. It can be time consuming, manual, and above all – it can be a time when things break. This is where continuous integration comes into play. The idea behind CI is […]

November 2011 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Things to know prior to landing your next PHP position Food Sponsored by: Thompson Technologies: food and drinks Epic Labs: beer Presentation by Ari Waller, Vice President of Recruiting, Thompson Technologies The presentation will be an overview of the current employment market and outlook specifically for PHP developers (as […]

October 2011 Meeting

When: Thursday, October 6, 2011 — 7pm-9pm Where: Strongbox West How to Build a Web Service Presentation by Moses Ngone Moses will cover the concepts on how to build a web service (Rest API), data formats (JSON vs XML), HTTP, troubleshooting your API, tools and how to bring it all […]

August 2011 Meeting

Using Zend Framework 2 Components Presentation by Shawn Stratton, How Stuff Works Zend Framework 2 is slated to be released later this year, but some of the components are already finished, so we’ll take a peek at how we can use these components now and why we might want to. […]

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