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April 2013 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Your app has an identity. Now give it a pulse.

Presentation by Robert Swarthout, (@robertswarthout)

Now that you have put hundreds of hours of work into your application and it is all up and running, it’s time to figure out what really is happening under the hood. Sure, you can look into the database and see things changing, but that does not tell the whole story. In this talk, we will quickly install and configure Graphite and StatsD. Once we have those in place, we will go through many use cases for tracking data points that occur in your app that usually are not monitored.

About Robert: Robert has been an attendee of the PHP user group since 2006 and has been doing PHP work since 2003. He is a Co-Founder of, a web service for professional photographers to share, sell and print their photos.

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