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February 2021 Online Meeting

PRESENTATION: “Never* Use Arrays” by Larry Garfield, Director of Developer Experience, When: Thursday, February 11, 2021 — 7pm-9:00pm Please RSVP at: Zoom Webinar Link: Presentation: Never* Use Arrays PHP loves its arrays. Arrays are the uber-data structure. They’re a list, a map, a stack, a queue, everything […]

March 2013 Meeting

PRESENTATION: Top Ten List: PHP and Web Application Performance NOTE NEW LOCATION – Hypepotamus (see Presentation by Brian DeShong, CrowdTwist, Inc. (@bdeshong) After working with PHP and web applications for 12 years, Brian has stored quite a few tricks up his sleeve. In this talk, he will cover […]

December 2009 Meeting

When: Thursday, December 10, 2009 — 7pm-9pm Where: Plaza Level Conference Room at Colony Square, Midtown Atlanta Please take note that we will NOT be meeting on our usual first Thursday of the month in December. Instead, we are meeting on the SECOND Thursday (December 10th). Quick Wins: Performance Tuning […]