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December 2011 Meeting

Continuous Integration (CI) and Phing

Presentation by Joey Rivera

The process of integrating software can prove tedious at times. It can be time consuming, manual, and above all – it can be a time when things break. This is where continuous integration comes into play. The idea behind CI is to make sure we don’t wait until the last minute to worry about deployments. Additionally, it’s about applying quality control measures and checking code in often to detect errors early on. These practices will allow teams to release more often and prevent downtime, making them and their code base more efficient. This talk will focus on explaining the different processes that make CI work. We will mention some of the CI servers available and spend the rest of the time learning about Phing. Phing is the Ant equivalent for PHP. Phing allows us to automate several processes through the use of xml scripting. We will go over a few examples of tasks Phing can automate for us such as exporting from svn, versioning your database with DbDeploy, and others.

If you are a developer, you’ll learn about tools that will help you become more efficient in your projects. If you are interested in testing, this presentation will help you understand how important unit testing and other forms of testing are and where they fit in the CI cycle. If you are a manager, this presentation will help you understand many of the benefits of going with CI and why companies such as Etsy are able to deploy to their production environment over 25 times per day.

When: Thursday, December 1, 2011 — 7pm-9pm
Food Sponsored by: Thompson Technologies
Giveaways: One year of shared hosting from Variux and an AtlantaPHP T-shirt courtesy of Bill Soukup, Manufacturing Support Inc.

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